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Critical Steps and Risk Management: An Element of Precision Execution Training

During pre-work discussions, many organizations discuss what can go wrong or challenges they might encounter along the way, but often they do not discuss what must go absolutely right to avoid damage or harm to a person or an asset. This is because most people believe that what must go absolutely right is understood by all – when in fact it is not. During the work process, it is vital that all workers recognize which actions are risk important actions as well as the critical junctions in the work process known as critical steps. It is during these critical steps that human error can have a negative impact on safety, quality, reliability, service and production. Identifying in advance where the point of no return exists during a task allows workers an opportunity to call out a critical step and pause before continuing with the action, verifying that risk important actions are complete and accurate before proceeding. This presentation will clarify the differences between risk important steps and critical steps to minimize risk through precision execution.

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