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Soar to New Safety Heights: Lessons on Partnership, Focus & Leadership from an Air Force Fighter Pilot

Jeff “Odie” Espenship is a former USAF A-10 fighter pilot, and current international airline pilot who understands the unique challenges for those who work in high risk and often dangerous work environments. When mishaps occur, we learn from it, but the real vision is in front. The pathway to a safer workplace is leadership creating and maintaining partnerships (wingmen), who foster job cultures that embrace:

Learning Objectives:

  • Zero Shortcuts
  • Courage to Speak up / Courage to Listen
  • Adherence to Procedures
  • Admitting mistakes so others may learn

Odie will share his story of tragically losing his brother in an aviation accident, but more importantly he will share the life leadership and partnership lessons he’s learned so you can apply them at work and home tomorrow.

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