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Tag: Thursday October 28

Transformer Connection Planning

A systematic, critical-thinking, 12-Step Process for making safe and appropriate Overhead Transformer Bank Connections that reduce risk to workers, meets utility expectations, and safeguards the public welfare. Tim will provide handouts and a aligned powerpoint to explain step-by-step procedures of ‘thinking-through’ and build a plan for connections before physically making them.

Learning Objectives include:

  • Review basic transformer elements
  • Choose primary system connections
  • Draw simple vector diagrams
  • Evaluate internal winding connections
  • Select ‘No-Load Tap-Changer’ settings
  • Build secondary service connections
  • Examine current-load and fusing options

Electric Power Safety Standards Simplified

Electric power organizations have high-risk work activities that require robust safety standards. Electric power regulatory and consensus standards play an important role in the design and application of robust safety standards within your organization. Sometimes these standards are hard to read and interpret, so they may not be used to their full value. This session will identify types of electric power standards and provide best methods on how to use them. After attending this session, participants will have the knowledge to explain the role of electric power standards within their organizations; describe the differences between regulatory, consensus and industry best practices; identify applicable electric power safety standards; and use electric power safety standards to develop robust, value-driven company safety standards.

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