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Tag: Tuesday October 26

Luck Is Not A Strategy

Risky behaviors plus a little bit of luck can still get good results. How much do we rely on luck to keep us safe? What can we do to eliminate the need for luck? In this session, we will explore the role of luck in keeping us safe, encouraging risky behaviors, and giving us a false sense of comfort. We will also take a look at the big picture role of Human Performance in eliminating the need for luck and how we can know if we are lucky or good.

Learning objectives include: Recognize our daily over-reliance on luck to keep us safe Identify was to mitigate the need for luck Encourage near miss reporting and direct observations

Effective Connectoring Practices

A practical guide to why we need connectors as well as how to apply safe and effective Connectoring Practices while terminating and splicing electrical conductors in Underground and Overhead Primary and Secondary Applications. Tim will provide handouts aligned to PP to compare and contrast different conductors’ resistivity, conductivity, and connector compatibility discussing clamping forces, cold-flow, and focused examples of failures.

Learning objectives include: 

  • Explore conductor configurations
  • Review connector Designs
  • Explain clamping Forces
  • Describe cold Flow
  • Reinforce principles of Copper applications
  • Reinforce principles of Aluminum applications
  • Practical application of proper tooling.

Soar to New Safety Heights: Lessons on Partnership, Focus & Leadership from an Air Force Fighter Pilot

Jeff “Odie” Espenship is a former USAF A-10 fighter pilot, and current international airline pilot who understands the unique challenges for those who work in high risk and often dangerous work environments. When mishaps occur, we learn from it, but the real vision is in front. The pathway to a safer workplace is leadership creating and maintaining partnerships (wingmen), who foster job cultures that embrace:

Learning Objectives:

  • Zero Shortcuts
  • Courage to Speak up / Courage to Listen
  • Adherence to Procedures
  • Admitting mistakes so others may learn

Odie will share his story of tragically losing his brother in an aviation accident, but more importantly he will share the life leadership and partnership lessons he’s learned so you can apply them at work and home tomorrow.

“Conducting” Job Briefings

Improved job briefings = improved safety. This fast paced, high energy presentation packed with practical action items will discuss how to conduct effective and engaging job briefings

Emphasis will be placed on communication, empowerment, and what it means to “conduct” a job briefing. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to provide training on job briefings along with how they should be conducted and evaluated.

Panel Discussion: Protecting Workers from Violent Acts

Having an effective workplace violence program is essential in today’s world, especially for workers in the utility industry with high-risk factors such as public interaction and working alone or in small groups. This panel will discuss what needs to be included in an effective workplace violence program to prevent violent and hostile acts and train workers on what to do if they are involved in violent situations.

Stopping When Uncertain

Many organizations claim they provide their workforce with stop work authority, yet it is not always fully understood or applied correctly. This session – which will be presented using a combination of live and video-based training – will cover how to leverage your stop work authority to keep yourself, others and company assets safe; the important relationships that exist between stopping when uncertain and a questioning attitude; why you should distance yourself from the work area when conducting a proper stop; the impact of the halo effect on decision-making; and proper determination of start-work criteria after conducting a stop.

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