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Tag: Tuesday October 26

De-escalating Volatile Situations in the Field

Having solid de-escalation skills is more important now than ever. And for utility employees, de-escalating volatile situations in the field requires unique skills that typical training programs fail to address. This session will focus on the specific training needs of utility employees and introduce the skills and approaches for effective conflict de-escalation.

Learning objectives include:

  • Basic situational awareness concepts
  • The obstacles and issues of de-escalation in the field
  • Effective de-escalation methods and training approaches.

Cognitive Impairment: A Causal Factor to Consider with Every Incident

Consideration of human factors must be part of every incident analysis. Cognitive impairment has a profound effect on the way employees reason through safety risks associated with their jobs, especially in the high-hazard electric utility industry. This presentation will provide information on human factors that impact causation of incidents, including supporting case studies.

Learning objectives include:

  • Being able to define cognitive impairment and the resulting effects on judgment
  • Understand how to identify and respond to unfocused workers.
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