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Thermal Hazard Safety: Building Organizational Resilience by Improving Human Performance

Potentially catastrophic thermal hazards lurk in the electric utility industry. PPE best practices will help to avoid catastrophic incidents. One of the latest schools of safety thought focuses on building resilience, or the capacity to respond, absorb, adapt and recover during a disruptive incident. Now the question is no longer how do we prevent an incident, but rather, how well will our organization absorb and recover from the event without major injury? The latest NFPA consensus standards provide guidance on developing human performance, uncovering protective and preventive PPE best practice measures that help improve safety culture and build organizational resilience. Attendees of this session can expect to learn how to utilize the latest NFPA consensus standards to provide guidance on developing human performance; identify some of the key human error precursors plaguing your organization’s safety program and determine human performance tool remedies; and understand how various human error precursor states impact PPE use.

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