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The Utility Safety Conference & Expo offers three exciting and informative days of educational sessions that are led by leading utility safety experts. Choose from 30+ sessions that are offered throughout the 3-day event. From leadership and human performance to grounding and OSHA standards—and much more—you’re sure to find the utility safety insights, strategies and knowledge you need to improve your organization’s safety performance!

Pam Education Session

Plug Into Education: Become a Better Safety Leader

Go beyond the basics: Our curated sessions delve into every facet of utility safety, from behavioral science to cutting-edge leadership techniques.

Sharpen your edge: Hone your leadership skills, learn best practices for incident prevention, and gain confidence in navigating complex regulations.

Don’t miss this electrifying opportunity: Spark a revolution in your organization’s safety approach and ensure a brighter future for your workforce.

Safety Leader
David McPeak

David McPeak,

Author, Speaker, and Director of Professional Development at UBM

David McPeak, CUSP, CIT, CHST, CSP, CSSM, is the Director of Education for Utility Business Media’s Incident Prevention Institute and the author of “Frontline Leadership – The Hurdle” and “Frontline Incident Prevention – The Hurdle.” He has extensive experience and expertise in leadership, human performance, safety and operations. McPeak is passionate about personal and professional development and believes that intrapersonal and interpersonal skills are key to success. He also is an advanced certified practitioner in DISC, emotional intelligence, the Hartman Value Profile, learning styles and motivators.

Champions of Safety Culture

Matt Edmonds
Matt Edmonds

SET Solutions LLC

Danny Raines
Danny Raines

Raines Utility Safety Solutions

Bill Martin

Think Tank Project LLC

Jim Vaughn

Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction

Pam Tompkins

SET Solutions LLC

Lito Wilkins

International Line Builders, Inc.

Brent Jeffries

Bierer Meters

Jim Willis

InDev Tactical

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We Are Utility Safety

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