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Dale Lesinski HR

Keynote Breakfast

Tuesday, May 21st 7:30-9:00am

Best Safety Message Ever Told

Speaker: Dale Lesinski, QSSP
Vice President Sales & Training

The conference kicks off with a networking breakfast where you will meet fellow attendees while enjoying a delicious, hot breakfast! 

This session aims to inspire employees to prioritize safety out of genuine desire, not obligation. It explores human psychology, emotional intelligence, and storytelling to connect safety to both personal well-being and company success. While traditional methods like rules and tragic stories have limited impact, this approach offers a positive, sustainable alternative that resonates with individual motivations. The goal is to empower employees to make safety a conscious choice, leading to lasting behavioral change.

Getting your employees to adopt safe behaviors because they WANT TO not because they HAVE TO is the GOAL of every safety Professional.

This session incorporates Human performance, emotional intelligence, storytelling, honest explanation of the importance of safety to your company and delivers a personal reason to adopt safe behaviors on the job and off.

Rules, regulations, policies, and procedures do not drive behavior changes. Tragic stories of safety accidents can be powerful but unfortunately they burn white hot and are quickly forgotten and we fall back to old habits.

To truly change behaviors, we must make it personal and appeal to our human nature and offer a positive message with a desirable outcome that will serve as a SUSTAINABLE reminder.

Join Us May 21-23, 2023 in Orlando, FL